BCD Heating S.r.l.



We were born in 2017, from the closure of the company where the partners have worked for several years.

From the great experience and knowledge formed over the years, getting involved and starting with a new brand, they are a speed developing a network of professional assistance centers.


We started from a small warehouse office of about 20sqm, where we implemented the spare parts sales service and after less than a year we moved to the new 400sqm headquarters, where we produce and store the finished and marketed products.


The company was founded by 3 partners, who perform different tasks. We also make use of expert consultants who follow us in the development of electronics and mechanics, not to forget the closest collaborators who have a strong dedication to plant engineering.

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TELEFONO: 0321 825316

EMAIL: vendite@bcdheating.com


INDIRIZZI: S.Legale Via Repubblica 25 13900 Biella

STABILIMENTO: Via Sant'Agata, 46  28064  Carpignano Sesia (NO)

P.I. e C.F.  IT02640630022

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