OUR BOILER " ATON 25 & 35 "one choice for all solutions

Continuous Combustion Control

The innovative system which, thanks to the combination of card and electronic valve, guarantees clean combustion and with values that are always at maximum efficiency. The system also reduces the on and off cycles, preventing temperature fluctuations in the heated rooms, with consequent reduction in consumption.



Only 42cm wide, and 30cm deep. The high thermal and acute insulation reduces heat loss and boiler noise (only 52 dB). The intuitive LCD display makes it easy to read all the functions and adjust the room temperature and sanitary water.


Possibility of connection with solar panel system, fully manageable via an additional card, capable of reading up to 4 temperature probes, and driving two circulators thus avoiding the use of an additional solar control unit. With the addition of a boiler and a circulation system it is possible to integrate the sanitary system and / or the underfloor heating system

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INDIRIZZI: S.Legale Via Repubblica 25 13900 Biella

STABILIMENTO: Via Sant'Agata, 46  28064  Carpignano Sesia (NO)

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